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Safe and Unsafe Foods for Pregnant Women

If you want to assist your baby to develop a healthy body and healthy pearly whites, it’s important to be selective of the varieties of foods and drinks you eat and drink while you’re pregnant. You can use the following ideas to aid your baby to form healthy pearly whites.

As always, eating a variety of foods is still imperative during pregnancy. By chomping lots of different foods, you will be helping you and your baby receive many different nutrients imperative for growth and vitality. You should do your best to consume foods lower in sugar, such as Greek yogurt, whole grains, fruits and lean proteins. An important mineral to consume is folic acid, which drops the risk of your child forming birth defects. Foods high in folic acid include asparagus, bananas, beans, broccoli, leafy greens, and rice.

Just as it’s important to eat nutritious foods, it’s important to avoid foods low in nutritional value and foods destructive to your dental health. Sugary foods in particular can cause plaque accrual that wears away at tooth enamel and leads to tooth erode. Avoid sports drinks, sodas, fruit juices, candy, cookies, cakes, sugary cereals, and jams. Reducing your sugar will diminish your probability of building up plaque and developing periodontal disease and tooth breakdown.

Don’t forget to be watchful when snacking habitually during your pregnancy. Snacking is known to help diminish feelings of vertigo, nausea, and motion sickness for expectant women, but excess snacking can cause plaque buildup, which leads to tooth decay. If you like to snack, make sure you’re brushing at least two times daily!

A healthy mouth is central to overall well-being, particularly during pregnancy. Dr. Ximena Velasquez-Pierce and our staff at Velasquez-Pierce Family Dentistry are experts at helping pregnant women keep their oral health. Pregnancy can increase your risk for tooth erosion and gum disease, so don’t delay setting up your dental visit. If you’d like our aid keeping your mouth healthy, give us a call now at 941-497-4997 to visit our office in Venice, Florida.

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