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Maintain Your Smile After Valentine’s Day

The late winter season means that it’s time for Valentine’s Day and boxes of candy and chocolate. This time of year is fun for your sweet tooth, but can be a hazard for your actual teeth. We are happy to offer some tips on how to protect your smile from tooth decay after the Valentine’s Day chocolate sales.

– Sort your stash: Beware of candies that are especially risky to teeth, such as sticky, hard or sour candies. Sticky and hard candies can stick to the teeth and linger in your mouth, prolonging the exposure to sugar on the teeth. Sour candies are very acidic and can weaken your tooth enamel.

– Limit your candy intake: The time of day that you eat candy is important. We discourage snacking on candy all during the day or while watching a movie. Determine a specific time to enjoy your Valentine’s Day leftovers, such as right after a meal. This is a good time because eating a meal produces more saliva that can wash away candy bits and sugar, reducing your risk of tooth decay.

– Don’t brush right away: You may think that you need to brush your teeth right away if you eat candy, but the truth is that some candies (especially sour candies) contain acids that weaken the tooth enamel, and brushing teeth right away will damage sensitive enamel. Instead, rinse your teeth with water first and then wait 30 minutes to brush.

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