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Including a Fluoride Treatment During Your Dental Checkup Helps Maintain Strong Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth is just the first step in maintaining good oral health. Having a dental checkup administered twice a year further serves to clean your teeth while also monitoring the overall health of your mouth.

If our dentist finds any signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease or a developing oral health issue, she will help you understand your treatment options. Sometimes a preventive measure will help prevent a minor problem before it worsens.

If Dr. Ximena Velasquez-Pierce is concerned about the strength of your tooth enamel she might recommend administering a simple fluoride treatment. It takes just a few short minutes to help bolster some of the mineral density of your tooth enamel to greatly reduce your chances of suffering from tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

The fluoride treatment can often be performed at the end of your dental checkup. The process involves our dentist pouring a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into curved trays which will be inserted in your mouth along with a small suction device. You will need to bite down lightly for a few minutes while the fluoride permeates the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.

If you live in Venice, Florida, and you are due for your next dental checkup, you should call 941-497-4997 to set up an appointment at Velasquez-Pierce Family Dentistry.

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