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Dental Sealants Can Improve Your Oral Health

Have you considered receiving dental sealants to give your back teeth the protection they need to remain in good shape? Both adults and children can safely receive dental sealants, as they are offered to patients as young as six years old to protect the adult molars. If you are interested in improving your immediate oral health and safeguarding it in the future, we invite you to learn more about dental sealants.

Dr. Ximena Velasquez-Pierce and our team apply the dental sealants directly to the tooth enamel on the chewing surfaces to provide an extra layer of protection for teeth that are not always easy to clean. Following the placement of the dental sealant, we harden it using a light source so that the tooth can be stronger and better protected against bacteria. Typically, you can enjoy as much as a decade of use from your dental sealants before they need to be repaired or replaced.

Typically, we recommend that a child receive dental sealants when they have their adult molars so that the sealants can be as effective as possible. Placing dental sealants can make a child as much as average three times more likely to avoid cavities.

To learn more about how receiving dental sealants in Venice, Florida, can benefit both adults and children, we invite you to contact Velasquez-Pierce Family Dentistry at 941-497-4997 today for a visit with our dentist.

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