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Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures are just one of the ways Dr. Ximena Velasquez-Pierce at Velasquez-Pierce Family Dentistry can help restore your smile. But if you are new to wearing dentures, it’s important that you understand the best way to care for them. Taking proper care of your dentures will help them to remain clean and safe for you to use, and will extend their life.

First, remember to keep them clean. Even though you don’t care for dentures the same way you care for your teeth, they still need to be cleaned. Dr. Velasquez-Pierce will recommend a denture cleaner for you to use. Dentures need to be brushed at least once a day. Remember, dentures are not teeth, and you should not use toothpaste to clean them since the abrasives in many brands can damage your dentures. There are toothbrushes designed for cleaning dentures, and just like your teeth, you need to brush your dentures every day to remove food and plaque. A toothbrush with soft bristles will also work. While cleaning your dentures, you may want to hold them over a towel, since dentures can break if they are dropped on a hard surface.

Dentures can lose their shape if they are not kept moist. When you remove them at night, put them in a safe, covered container with water or a denture solution. Before putting your dentures in, you will need to rinse them, since denture solution is not made to be ingested. You should also not use the solution as a rinse or mouthwash.

If your dentures are damaged or broken, don’t try to repair or adjust them yourself. You may damage them further, and some glues may not be safe. If your dentures are damaged, contact the dentist as soon as possible.

Even though dentures are not natural teeth, you still need to schedule regular checkups with the doctor to have your dentures examined, cleaned and checked to make sure that they are still fitting properly. For more information on caring for your dentures, or to make an appointment with Dr. Velasquez-Pierce at our office in Venice, Florida at 941-497-4997.

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